How Link Matchmaking Works

Here is a quick overview of how link matchmaking works.

1) You submit an article that resides on your site to using the URL of the article, article text and target anchor text.

2) A link matchmaker writer performs an editorial review of the article to ensure that it meets quality standards. The article is then marked as Verified.

3) Once verified, the article is analyzed using natural language statistical software to infer potential categories and keywords.  The Article is then categorized for contextual linking.

4) The target Anchor text is compared to the analysis results and if appropriate is used.  If inappropriate, a new Anchor Text is suggested.

5) Additional new Anchor text is suggested based on Articles from other members with immediate linking potential.

6) Your article is now ready to receive inbound links.

The more articles you add, the more potential inbound links you will receive from contextually similar sites.

This all works when members participate in outbound linking as well.  A discounted membership is offered for those sites running wordpress that are configured to link to others.  To participate, we provide a plugin that will automatically scan your articles for text matching the anchor text of other articles in the database. If there is text that matches, a link is automatically created.  As a bonus, this plugin will provider complete Intralinking to link your existing articles to each other, strengthening your sites overall authority.

You will have full access to a dashboard with statistics on backlinks, external links, Google rank and traffic.  This dashboard will even suggest changing your anchor text to be more contextually accurate and to facilitate more linking.

Thats it!  Just sign up and start adding your articles.

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